Guest Spotlight, March 2017


Guest Spotlight

Hard work pays off for Family Promise graduate

About a year ago, Alyson (not her actual name), along with her young child found herself with little choice but to sleep in her car.  And the car, functioning as shelter, was borrowed.  Relatives weren’t willing to give refuge, even temporarily. A friend told Alyson about Family Promise and her housing dilemma began to change.

Alyson soon had a job, working overtime and many shifts to conserve money while applying for a better, long term job; which she now has!  Family Promise offered several resources from career clothing to a donated car! 

Alyson’s first housing rental didn’t last long due to an infestation on the property. But, because her relatives have seen how hard she has worked to get her life back on track, she has been able to stay with them and save money so she can soon get a place of her own again.

While considering goals for the future, Alyson mentioned that she’d never been on a vacation. Thanks to the continued support and encouragement from Family Promise, Alyson achieved a major milestone in her life.  She, along with a friend, recently spent a week in Puerto Rico. I’ve heard there are some gorgeous photos!

Family Promise will maintain a relationship with Alyson for a year and will provide ongoing services should she hit a bump, have a setback, or just need some friendly support along the way.

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